"Money Is Temporary" - Foodpanda Riders Risk Income To Help Injured Dog On Road

One of the Foodpanda riders told SAYS that not accepting orders between jobs will make their total earnings drop.

Cover image via Noel Chern/Facebook & Noel Chern (Provided to SAYS)

A Facebook post detailing how a group of Foodpanda riders decided to stop what they were doing in order to save an injured dog has gone viral

Foodpanda rider Noel Chern said the incident took place in USJ 12, Subang Jaya at 5pm on 20 July.

Noel was working as a food delivery person at that time when he suddenly witnessed a large vehicle run over a dog.

"The car just ran off without stopping. I stopped to try and save it and stop the traffic as well," he said, adding, "Other Foodpanda riders came and helped out when they saw it."

In an interview with SAYS, Noel said a total of three Foodpanda riders had offered help.

Noel tried to call the ambulance while the dog was still alive, but after a minute, the furry friend took its last breath

Seeing that the dog had passed away, Noel put the dog into a gunny sack, which was given by a motorcyclist who was just passing by.

When he was about to place the dog into the bag, he saw the dog was wearing a collar that came with a phone number. Hence, he decided to call the number and wait for the owner to arrive.

He told the rest of the Foodpanda riders to leave as he would not want them to have a bad record for not accepting orders while on duty. But they refused.

According to Noel, Foodpanda riders get paid by a system that gives extra rewards to riders with a high-performance rating

"If you miss orders, then your acceptance rate falls. You will end up with a lower batch next week, and in return, getting paid less," Noel said.

"I see things from a very logical and practical perspective. There is no use in wasting other Foodpanda riders' batch acceptance rates if one person is already taking it for the team to miss out orders to settle the problem."

"That's why I told them to leave."

Despite his plea, the other Foodpanda rider, Arun, refused to leave.

Arun told Noel, "Money is temporary in this life. I will stay with you."

Right: A Foodpanda rider known only as Arun.

Image via Noel Chern/Facebook

When the owner came to the scene, Noel said the man broke down in tears

The owner said the dog ran away because the house gate was not properly closed. He said the dog had been under his care since it was just a tiny puppy.

In retrospect, Noel advised members of the public to always be responsible if an animal accidentally gets run over.

"If you hit someone's dog, be responsible and stop and try to save it. You not only cause pain to the dog and the owner, but also caused trouble to other people who have to fix your stupid f*****g mess and lose money from work," Noel wrote in the post.

"I lost money [because of] your stupidity."

At the time of writing, the post has garnered over 6,500 shares.

Hundreds of netizens commended Noel and other Foodpanda riders for sacrificing their time and earning potential to attempt saving the dog's life

Image via Facebook

Some said the Foodpanda riders' act of kindness has made them believe in humanity again. 

Image via Facebook

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