Motorcyclist Punches Old Man Who Stopped His Car Because He Wasn’t Feeling Well

The incident happened on Wednesday, 15 March, in Penang.

Cover image via Kwong Wah

A sick elderly man was left with a bloodied nose after a motorcyclist punched him for stopping on the side of a road in Penang

Image via Wong Chun Wai

The incident happened on 15 March, Wednesday, along Jalan Scotland.

A Facebook user named Tan Poh Poh, took to social media to share the incident.

Tan - who was on her way home at the time of the incident - pointed out that she saw the stationary car from a distance, but did not pay much attention to it at first

Image via Tan Poh Poh

Due to heavy traffic, she assumed that the car had broken down.

Shortly after, a speeding motorcycle with three passengers was seen swerving through traffic. It failed to stop at the sight of the car and rammed into the rear bumper.

That's when things took an ugly turn.

One of the motorcyclists got down from the bike and started shouting at the elderly driver before dragging him out of the vehicle. It got worse - he then punched the old man for “causing” damage to the bike.

Image via Tan Poh Poh

"When I turned around, the old man's face was already bruised and bloodied," Tan told Chinese daily Kwong Wah.

With her quick thinking, Tan got down from her car to stop the old man from further injury. While she succeeded in doing so, that didn't stop the man from demanding compensation.

Tan shrugged them off and was in a hurry to bring the frail old man to the hospital. Angered and irritated by her actions, the man took off his helmet and smashed it on Tan's car windscreen.

Image via Tan Poh Poh
Image via Tan Poh Poh

"He had lost control of his actions, that's why I didn't provoke him any further," Tan said.

Thankfully, two good Samaritans rushed to the scene and helped control the situation. It gave Tan ample time to escort the old man to safety before driving him to the hospital.

In the hospital, Tan found out that the old man - who has high blood pressure - had stopped his car because his hands were shivering

The old man had his bloodied nose stitched and is expected to make a smooth recovery.

A report was lodged and the police are currently looking into this matter.

Meanwhile, a video of an accident involving a motorcyclist has gone viral on social media:

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