[VIDEO] Motorcyclist In Shah Alam Arrested After Attacking Senior Citizen In Fit Of Rage

The suspect was seen shouting and throwing punches at the victim near the Padang Jawa bridge until members of the public stopped the attack.

Cover image via Mohd Faizal Wahid via Kau ninggal jela (Facebook)

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In a 22-second video that has gone viral, a motorcyclist can be seen aggressively beating up a senior citizen on a road in Shah Alam, Selangor

The victim, a 61-year-old retiree, was with his wife and grandson at the time of the incident, which occurred near the Padang Jawa bridge around 12pm yesterday, 22 May.

"As the victim was turning right towards the Alam Avenue, the suspect who was riding a Yamaha Y15, was on the left side of the victim's car, shouting and scolding the victim," said Shah Alam police chief ACP Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim in a statement.

The victim stopped and got down to check if there had been an accident but was met with a kick to the left side of his chest.

"The suspect sat on the victim and continued to punch him in the face and the head, leading to swelling under his eyes and pain in the head and chest," said Mohd Iqbal.

Passersby can be seen stopping their vehicles next to the man and trying to calm him down, but to no avail

In another video, a member of the public questioned the suspect about his actions and said he should show respect to the old man.

"Even if he is in the wrong, shouldn't he still be respected?" the man can be heard asking.

The suspect retorted with, "This is Malaysia, this is not overseas."

A third video, which is also making the rounds, shows the suspect surrounded by a group of villagers, some of whom were beating him because of his assault on the retiree

Villagers kicked him and smacked his face in a state of anger as one of them held on to him.

The suspect had his head ducked down, with his arms shielding his face.

The man who held on to him could be seen trying to stop the other villagers from harming the suspect any further.

The attack on the suspect has drawn mixed responses from netizens

Some were against the act as they pitied the suspect who was being ganged up on by a crowd of villagers.

"If someone reported this to the police, many in the video would get picked up. You can help apprehend [the suspect] but don't beat him up like that," one person wrote.

Image via Facebook

"I hope everyone who beat this brother up will also be nabbed by the police," another netizen said.

Image via Facebook

However, others said they felt satisfaction after seeing the suspect get beaten up.

"Satisfying to watch, serves him right. Thanks, concerned Malaysians," one commented.

Image via Facebook

The 23-year-old motorcyclist was arrested after the senior citizen lodged a police report following the incident yesterday

Mohd Iqbal added that the case is being investigated under Sections 323 and 506 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt and criminal intimidation.

The suspect will be remanded today, 23 May.

The reason why the suspect became violent with the victim has not yet been stated.

Watch the ordeal here; viewer discretion is advised:

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