Motorcyclist Smashes Driver's Windshield With A Helmet In Johor Road Rage Incident

The incident took place at a junction in Muar, Johor yesterday, 15 March.

Cover image via Edward Likes (Facebook)

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A video showing a motorcyclist smashing the windscreen of a woman's vehicle has gone viral on Facebook

In the one-minute-and-38-second long video, the motorcyclist — who is dressed in black and carrying a blue helmet — can be heard shouting profanities at the driver.

The video was captured by a passenger in the vehicle, who was later revealed to be the driver's colleague.

After instructing other vehicles to move along, the motorcyclist takes off his helmet, shouts at the driver again, before smashing her windscreen and bonnet with his helmet.

The women remain in the vehicle despite the motorcyclist's demands to step out.

When the motorcyclist smashes the driver and passenger doors with his helmet again, the woman says that she is afraid. She then drives away from the scene.

Following the incident, the police have arrested the motorcyclist

According to Harian Metro, the road rage incident took place at a junction in Parit Jawa in Muar, Johor at about 3.25pm on Monday, 15 March.

District police chief ACP Zaharudin Rasip said the incident was caused by a misunderstanding between a 25-year-old motorcyclist and a 26-year-old driver.

"The incident was due to the way how both of them drove or rode, which led to the suspect acting aggressively by breaking the windscreen of the victim's car," Zaharudin said in a statement yesterday.

"The suspect also broke the side mirror on the driver's side and damaged the front bonnet of the victim's car by using his helmet."

He added that the suspect is believed to have mental health problems. He has been sent to Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital for treatment.

He also urged netizens to stop sharing the video and photos of the incident to avoid causing misunderstanding in the community.

The case is currently being investigated under Section 427 of the Penal Code for committing mischief.

Meanwhile, the victim revealed in a Facebook post that prior to the incident, she was driving on the straight road before the motorcyclist cut into her lane

"If there is (anyone at fault), it would be him for hitting my car," she wrote in Chinese.

The victim took the opportunity to dismiss netizens' allegations, which claimed that she only posted a snippet of the video that shows the motorcyclist's aggression while omitting the part where she had wronged the motorcyclist.

In response to that, she said she only started filming when the situation escalated.

"Who would take their phones to film before anything happened? There must be a situation before we take our phones to film down the incident, right?" she explained.

As for the part where she is heard apologising to the motorcyclist at the beginning of the video, she said she merely apologised to calm the man down.

The victim also said that she did not know the man had mental health problems, before adding that the reasoning is not enough to justify his intimidating behaviour.

The victim shared a photo of her vehicle after the road rage incident.

Image via Facebook

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