"Can I File For Bankruptcy?" – Man In Pahang Stunned After Receiving RM144K Water Bill

The amount of water stated in the bill can reportedly fill up about 52 standard-sized swimming pools.

Cover image via Gui Guai (Facebook) via 我们都是劳勿人 (Facebook) , 我们都是劳勿人 (Facebook) , Silvan Schuppisser/Unsplash

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A man from Raub, Pahang was shocked to receive a water bill that amounted to a staggering RM144,623 this month

Based on a photo of the water bill uploaded by the man in a public Facebook group, he had apparently used 99,740m³ of water from 16 May to 6 June this year.

His previous water bill only came up to RM71 for May.

The man's caption read, "Look at that amount... Can I file for bankruptcy?"

In the Facebook post, the man did not state why he received such an expensive water bill nor did he state whether he had inquired about it with Pengurusan Air Pahang Berhad (PAIP)

According to a calculation done by Sin Chew Daily, a swimming pool with a length of 50m, a width of 21m, and a water depth of 1.8m would require a volume of 1,890m³ of water to be filled.

That means the amount of water stated in the water bill would be able to fill up about 52.8 standard-sized swimming pools.

SAYS has reached out to the man and PAIP for comment but have not received a reply from the two parties at the time of writing.

The expensive water bill drew comments from netizens who found the situation amusing

A netizen commented, "This amount of water can be used to open an aquarium."

Image via Facebook

"No wonder there's no water coming," another added in jest.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

"It turns out all the water has been taken to your house," said one comment.

Image via Facebook

Another commented, "If a small family uses RM20 a month, making it RM240 a year, it would take 600 years to use RM144,000 worth of water. By 600 years, my 18th generation grandchildren will still be using the water. You drained 600 years of water in one month, I'm impressed."

Image via Facebook

Some netizens have suggested that the bill could be due to a miscalculation on PAIP's part and told the man to clarify it with the authorities.

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