M'sian Lecturer Rather Work As Cleaner In SG To Earn 5 Times His Previous Pay

"It's true that working in Singapore can change your fortune," he said.

Cover image via Berita Malaysia (Facebook) & Roslan Rahman/AFP via New Straits Times

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A Malaysian recently shared that he earns five times more working as a cleaner now in Singapore than he ever did as a university lecturer back home

In an anonymous post on Facebook, the man, who was a lecturer at a private higher education institution in Malaysia, revealed that his last drawn salary at the university was RM1,900 despite working there for five years.

"During those five years of working, there were some months I did not have enough money.

"Sometimes, I couldn't even make it through the middle of the month. My salary remained stagnant while the cost of living kept rising. It was hard to survive," he shared.

Image for illustration purposes only.

Image via Berita Malaysia (Facebook)

The man shared that one day, the financial stress became too unbearable that he decided to look for a job in Singapore

"I was so stressed that I couldn't even work because even after receiving my salary, I was still busy thinking about how to pay for various expenses and household needs," he said.

After a search, he said he found a job as a cleaner in Singapore, where he was offered a basic salary of SGD3,100 (RM10,860) and accepted the position.

Image for illustration purposes only.

Image via Roslan Rahman/AFP via New Straits Times

Despite the menial job, he went on to describe how much his new wage across the causeway eased his financial burdens

"It's true that working in Singapore can change your fortune.

"For those who see no way of paying off their debts, or are stuck with debts in the tens of thousands, this is a shortcut. With the first paycheck alone, I settled various things," he said.

He added that while it may be challenging travelling back and forth to Singapore, the trouble is worth the remuneration at his job.

"Earning a high salary may seem like just a dream to some, but it can be a reality," he concluded.

Previously, a Facebook post claimed that Malaysians who would like to work as cleaners in Singapore must have a college degree:

Many young Malaysians choose to work in Singapore to earn a better wage for their future:

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