M'sians Must Have A College Degree To Allegedly Earn RM10K As Cleaners in S'pore

The post also claimed that Singaporean employers are no longer interested in hiring SPM certificate holders.

Cover image via New Straits Times & Facebook

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A Facebook post recently went viral for claiming that Malaysians with a college degree can earn up to SGD3,000 (RM10,000) per month as cleaners in Singapore

The post also claims that Singaporean employers are no longer interested in hiring Malaysians with a Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) certificate.

It went on to say that SPM certificate holders typically earn only SGD800 (RM2,681).

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Image via New Straits Times

The SPM certificate, according to the post, has lost value because there are too many candidates with the same qualification competing for the same job

"SPM holders usually get up to SGD1,200 (RM4,018), but if you have a degree, you can earn up to SGD4,000 (RM13,395)," it said.

The post also called on Malaysians to take these odd jobs to help them save money and invest in properties that will benefit them in the future.

The Facebook post also included a few screenshots of job listings allegedly made by Singaporean employers

One of them is offering a handsome salary of SGD3,000 (RM10,053) for a "Facility Specialist" position.

Candidates must have a college degree, but work experience is not required.

Image via Facebook

In another job listing, an employer is offering a minimum pay of SGD2,700 (RM9,042) for an "F&B Management Trainee" position.

Interestingly, the employer is seeking Malaysians with a college degree to fill the role.

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, dishwashers in Singapore can apparently earn up to SGD3,400 (RM11,000).

The employer specified in their job listing that candidates must have a college degree and that diplomas will not be accepted.

Image via Facebook

According to the post, Malaysians must now work toward obtaining a college degree in order to earn up to RM10,000

"If you cannot find work in Malaysia after obtaining your university degree, you can look for work in Singapore," it said.

"Most importantly, never give up hope, even when you have to work as a dishwasher. You can save up to RM100,000 in ten months if you earn RM10,000 monthly."

Image via Facebook

Singapore's largest airport was hiring Malaysians for jobs that pay a monthly salary of RM10,000 and have a four-day work week:

Previously, a Facebook post about how Malaysians can save RM100,000 in three years while working odd jobs in Singapore garnered a lot of attention, with many agreeing that the plan is feasible:

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