"I'm Bullied Daily" — Man Considers Quitting Job After 3 Months Due To Toxic Colleagues

According to the man, his boss is aware of the bullying, but chooses to stay silent as to not sabotage his relationship with the others.

Cover image via Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels & Times of India

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Working life can be hard for young adults who are just venturing into the world while trying to find themselves.

In certain instances, difficult colleagues or a bad work environment can just exacerbate these challenges further.

Chinese recruitment website, Ricebowl, recently shared a confession that was submitted to them on their Facebook page. Dealing with providing work opportunities to the public, Ricebowl occasionally posts rants or confessions by anonymous Malaysians to their page. 

This confession, however, was a mixture of devastating and frustrating. The unnamed man explains his current situation at a job he just started in, but is immediately having trouble with. Asking whether he should leave his workplace or not, the man stated that casual bullying and a toxic environment are the main factors contributing to his consideration.

Providing context to the entire story, it seems as though the problems he's faced since starting at the company have only gotten worse with time.

The full post of the unknown man's rant on Ricebowl's Facebook page.

Image via Ricebowl铁饭网-解决您的求职难题 (Facebook)

While the man does not state what field he is currently working in, he begins his confession by mentioning how he's just completed three months at his post

Diving straight into the issues he's currently facing, the man was quick to call out the toxic tendencies practised by a few specific colleagues. 

"I got yelled at by my colleagues on the second week of work. Due to the fact that I have no prior experience in this line before, everything is new to me," he explained.

Making things worse as time went on, the unnamed confessor stated that while most of his colleagues talk to him in a rude and demeaning manner, some workers have even persuaded other colleagues, who weren't rude to him before, to start speaking to him unkindly as well

Calling out the bias that goes on around him, the man also stated how one of his colleagues specifically targets him. "I've seen how selective they are. When other colleagues ask him work related things, he'd take his time to explain his answer to them nicely."

Image for illustration purposes only.

Image via Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

Causing ripples to his surrounding, the confessor stated that the colleague who particularly bullies him, has bad-mouthed about his work to their boss

Nonetheless, the anonymous user expressed how his boss is aware of the bullying that is taking place, but is just choosing to stay silent in the process.

"He sees what is going on, but stays silent as to not sabotage his relationship with them. He hasn't helped me, and has displayed how friendly he is with my other colleagues," he said.

Despite working hard and trying his best at his job, the man expressed that the bullying continues every single day. "They will still look for things I don't know, and call me out on them when they have an audience to watch."

Ending his post, the man then asks if he should resign from his post, especially after having to deal with a work environment such as this.

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Image via Times of India

Though comments differed across the board, the overwhelming majority encouraged the man to drop his job, and his toxic colleagues

"Let the job go, sooner or later, you may get depression," said one user. Another person commented on how seniority may be a factor for the bullying. "Many people think if they've been there longer, they know better and can treat others that way."

While encouraging the man to leave his job, one user told the man to shout at all of them once he decides to quit.

One user made light of the situation while encouraging the man to leave his job, "I'm surprised you lasted three months! That itself is an achievement."

Another responder laid out more fruitful advice, saying that while colleagues do not always have to be friends, remaining respectful of one another and cooperating at work is the most important thing. "You basically have to resign after this, it is hard work to continue."

Offering up more practical advice, one person told the man there's no point staying in a company where the work environment is so toxic, unless the pay is worthwhile.

Though one more person sided with the man's struggles and told him to exit the job immediately, he reminded the anonymous confessor that one's work truly depends on themselves, not others. "No one is obliged to help you resolve issues you're facing at work. Your ability to work well lands on your shoulders, no matter what others say around you to belittle you."

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