M'sian Man Sad To Find Poster Of Little Boy Lost Since 1998 On His Parcel From China

After 25 years, Wang Yu Yun's parents are still looking for their missing baby.

Cover image via @magmalaya (Twitter)

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A Malaysian man recently took to Twitter to share about a strange and sad finding he came across while receiving a parcel from China

In the tweet, user @magmalaya said that he received a box after placing an order from Tmall, a Chinese online retail website that was formerly known as Taobao Mall.

After receiving the box, the man examined it and discovered a photograph of a young boy who had been missing since 1998.

"25 years and his parents are still not giving up," the Twitter user wrote.

"Come home, baby," read the title of the missing boy poster, which also included his full name, Wang Yu Yun.

It went on to say that the boy was abducted while he was playing in front of a barber shop in Xinjiang, Jincheng.

The man also uploaded a 45-second video on his Tweet, revealing all of the details that was written on the outside of the box

In the clip, the man translated the text on the box, saying, "Our country is against child kidnapping."

Based on the text written on the box, the Chinese government highlights steps that anyone could take if a child has gone missing or a missing child is found.

"If a child is missing, please call 110 as soon as possible and seek help from the police," the text read.

It also suggested bringing children suspected of being abducted to China's Ministry of Public Security for a free deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) test.

Tmall also claimed that they have successfully returned three missing children to their families with the messages on their boxes.

"May good things happen, may every love lead to a reunion," it added.

Netizens were saddened by the man's discovery and hoped that the missing child could be returned to his parents

Some users pointed out that Wang would have turned 30 years old this year.

"He just turned 30 last January. May his family persevere," wrote one user.

Image via Twitter

Another user suggested the man keep the box with care.

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, one user said they also found a similar poster on a parcel that was recently shipped to them.

A missing girl's picture, Liu Anna, born in 2004, was printed on the box. She was said to have been abducted when she was six years old.

Image via Twitter

Watch the full video here:

Child kidnappings are common in China, where an estimated 20,000 children are abducted each year.

These parents fought tooth and nail to find their long lost children across the country for decades:

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