Mysterious Blood-Like Puddle Found On Top Of A Grave Launches Police Investigation

The 19-second clip was filmed at Al Irfan Derga Mosque cemetery in Alor Setar.

Cover image via Noorazura Abdul Rahman/New Straits Times & @redzuanNewsMPB (Twitter)

A video showing a grave covered with blood-like liquid recently went viral on social media

According to New Straits Times, the 19-second clip was filmed at Al Irfan Derga Mosque cemetery in Alor Setar.

Locals were startled by the weird occurrence and many turned up at the cemetery to check out the said grave.

A member of the mosque has filed a police report regarding the matter

Alias Ishak told Harian Metro that the report was filed at the Kota Setar Police Station on Saturday, 19 September.

"I don't know when it happened, I just saw the video on WhatsApp and I hope people will stop gathering there. Plus, Kota Setar is currently under Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO)," he said.

He also mentioned that a body was buried there two weeks ago and other members of the mosque found the red liquid on the grave but they are unsure of what it could be.

Authorities have gathered samples of the liquid and as of now, elements of crime and foul play have been ruled out

Kota Setar district deputy police chief SUPT Mohd Redzuan Salleh told Harian Metro, "However, investigations are still being carried out."

He also urged netizens to stop sharing the video and spreading rumours to protect the privacy of the deceased.

This statement is echoed by the Kota Setar district religious officer Ahmad Faisol Omar who told New Straits Times, "As the district religious officer, I urge everyone to be more sensitive towards the deceased's family members by not sharing the video. My side cannot confirm this matter as the truth will require forensic investigation."

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