Survey Reveals That M'sian Voters Want Employment & Economic Issues To Be Addressed

Over 2,600 survey respondents shared their thoughts on the upcoming state elections.

Cover image via MalayMail & wichayada su (Vecteezy)

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A recent survey by election news platform MyUndi found that the top issues Malaysian voters were concerned about included employment opportunities and local economic activities

19% of respondents from all six states said these issues must be addressed by candidates for the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) seat in their respective areas.

Other issues included area development (18.8%), welfare (17.5%), infrastructure and public facilities (16.7%), basic needs (14.1%), and garbage and solid waste management (13.8%).

The survey, known as Suara Kita, aims to get Malaysians to share their thoughts on the upcoming state elections in Selangor, Penang, Negeri Sembilan, Kedah, Kelantan, and Terengganu

As of 10 August, the survey has received 2,674 survey respondents, and is still open.

Selangor voters currently make up a majority of the survey respondents at 43.9%. 

In the survey, 94% of respondents said they would be returning to their home state to vote in the state elections

In Kedah, nearly half of the respondents wanted their elected state government to take immediate action in improving the people's standard of living by constructing better public facilities.

As for Kelantan voters, 57.3% of them believed that the previous government did not show a good performance in governing the state, and want a change in administration.

Meanwhile, 45% of Negeri Sembilan voters shared that prioritising the welfare of the people is what indicates a good performance by their state government.

Up to 52% of Selangor voters believed it is a priority for a candidate to be a native of the state, and subsequently member of the State Government Meeting Council.

Lastly, for Terengganu, 59.2% of voters said the best characteristic of a candidate contesting in the state elections should be excellent work performance.

Besides the Suara Kita survey, MyUndi serves as a directory for top election stories, headlines, interactive infographics, videos, information on candidates, and more

Brought to you by REV Media Group, the portal features the latest news reports from Malaysia's leading newspapers — Harian Metro, Berita Harian, Free Malaysia Today, and the New Straits Times, as well as reports and analysis from TV3 and 8TV.

The best part? You can access the MyUndi portal via your phone, tablet, or computer at any time, from wherever you are. 

The Suara Kita survey is still accepting responses! Head over to this website to share your views about the upcoming state elections.

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