Myvi Driver Parks On Wheelchair Ramp & Leaves Elderly Man And Toddler Stranded On Sidewalk

The Myvi owner went to his car without even apologising.

Cover image via @intanharith (TikTok)

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A video of a red Perodua Myvi that was parked on a wheelchair ramp for people with disability (OKU) has gone viral on social media and sparked fury among netizens against the owner for being inconsiderate

In a 30-second TikTok by @intanharith posted yesterday, 14 August, the Myvi can be seen parked on a wheelchair ramp, preventing an elderly man in a wheelchair from getting off the pavement.

The video also shows a stroller with a toddler inside waiting beside the elderly man as the access to get off the pavement is completely blocked.

The TikTok video is believed to have been taken at the Pertama Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

As Intan moved closer to the car, a red 'P' sticker was visible on its rear windscreen. A "For Disabled People Only" signage can be seen in front of the vehicle.

In the caption of the post, Intan sarcastically wrote, "It's true what people say. The most valuable organ is the brain because (some people) rarely use it."

Intan explained in the comments section that she had to use another route to get her father onto the road

She said that they waited in the heat for the Myvi owner to show up and move his car. After waiting for a long time, they were forced to find another route that was far from the ramp.

"The driver arrived only after I had pushed my father onto the road. He didn't look guilty nor did he apologise for the inconvenience he had caused us," Intan lamented.

Image via TikTok

Netizens were enraged by the selfish behaviour of the Myvi driver

Some TikTok users demanded the authorities revoke the Myvi owner's driving licence.

A person said, "Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ) should revoke his P licence."

Image via TikTok

"This person is one of those who have the 'I'm only parking here for a while' mentality. Their (action) burdens other people," tweeted another user.

One person called out the driver for not having common sense and suggested authorities "add barriers at the ramp area" to prevent such incidents from occurring again.

"That is clearly not a parking spot. The driver is just being selfish," said another netizen.

Image via Twitter

The video of the incident can be found here:


Bethol lah org Cakap ... Organ paling Mahal ialah OTAK .... sebab jarang Guna .. VIRAL KAN JE

bunyi asal - Mhd Aizzat - AizzatFromYT

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