[VIDEO] Man Calls Out Myvi For Obstructing Ambulance Carrying His Friend's Sick Father

The car made no attempt to give way despite the ambulance having its siren on.

Cover image via Sungai Dua Butterworth (Facebook)

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A man has called out a road user for refusing to give way to an ambulance that was transporting a sick patient from Perak to Penang

In the community Facebook group Sungai Dua Butterworth, user Hazwan Rosly wrote, "My friend's father is sick. He was being transferred from Perak to Pantai Hospital Penang.

"However, while travelling on the North-South Expressway to Penang, there was a Myvi blocking the path of the ambulance and didn't want to give way," he said.

He also shared a series of videos from inside the ambulance showing the Myvi staying put in front of the emergency vehicle on the fast lane

In the videos, which are over a minute long, the Myvi can be seen not giving way despite the ambulance having its siren on the whole time.

The clips also show other cars in front of the Myvi continuing to travel on the fast lane despite there being an ambulance behind them.

It is not known if the incident was reported to the police

According to, it is an offence to obstruct an ambulance that is responding to an emergency, such as when its siren and strobe lights are on, under Section 53 of the Road Transport Act 1987.

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