Myvi Owner Is Confused Why His Car Is Clamped Despite Parking In A Proper Parking Space

There's no signage saying the parking space is reserved.

Cover image via Mia Saripah (Facebook)

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The Berjaya Times Square management has reached out to SAYS to provide their side of the story. This story has been updated to reflect their statement.

While videos of people booking parking spaces at shopping malls frequently make us angry, nothing beats the rage one feels when their car is clamped for no reason

A Facebook user recently shared a video of a Myvi being clamped at the Berjaya Times Square shopping mall. The video quickly went viral on the internet, with people trying to figure out why his car was clamped.

In the 41-second video, the Myvi owner first shows that his car was parked in a legit parking space.

"Look, my car is clamped, but it's parked in a numbered space," he said, pointing to parking space number 468.

He received a clamping notice which stated that he should pay a fine of RM100 to have the clamp removed from his vehicle

He then pointed to a Vios parked directly across from his car. The Vios was also perfectly parked in a parking space but was not clamped.

"Our car is not blocking any other car here. We can easily go out as well.

"This isn't a reserved parking space either, there's no signage saying that it is. This parking space isn't crossed and there are no cones or anything," he added.

Netizens teamed up in the comments section to develop some plausible theories as to why the car was clamped

"Maybe it's a parking space for motorcycles," commented a Facebook user.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

"Trying to think positively here, maybe they've just bought the clamp and wanted to try it," said another.

Image via Facebook

Another user said, "Maybe the car door wasn't shut properly. My car was clamped in the past for that reason."

Image via Facebook

[UPDATE] Berjaya Times Square Explains Why A Man's Myvi Was Clamped In Recent Viral Video

In a statement shared with SAYS, the mall's management wrote, "As you may have already noticed in the video, the car in question was the only car parked at the back of a Tandem Parking Bay. The car was clamped as the Berjaya Times Square (BTS) Car Park team had no reasonable way of identifying the owners of both cars parked at the Tandem Parking Bay.

"Thus, it was a measure to ensure that the owner of the clamped vehicle would come to the Car Park Management office for assistance. At the time of arrival at the Car Park Management Office and upon confirming the situation, the car was released without any fines imposed as we only intended to act as a deterrence for other car owners."

To avoid confusion, a tandem parking space is a shared parking space for two cars to park one in front of the other.

Watch the full video that puzzled netizens here:

Previously, a man decided to wreck his car instead of paying a RM50 fine to remove a clamp:

A Malaysian woman proved that Pendidikan Sivik wasn't taught in every Malaysian school by using her baby stroller to reserve a parking spot:

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