Najib Explains Why He Lost His Cool And Walked Out Of The Al Jazeera's Interview

He said he was concerned for his family.

Cover image via aljazeera

Najib Razak, who lost his cool during an interview with Al Jazeera, took to his Facebook page today to explain why he walked out of it

The former prime minister was being quizzed on a slew of issues related to the 1MDB scandal that involved questions about the RM2.6billion donation, his relationship with Jho Low, the murder of Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu among others.

However, Najib — currently facing more than 40 corruption charges in an ongoing investigation into the 1MDB scandal that spans at least six countries — lost his cool and walked out of the interview with Al Jazeera for its 101 East programme.

When host Mary Ann Jolley, whom Najib had deported in 2015 while she was doing a story on the Altantuya murder, asked Najib about her deportation, Najib said that she was "a nuisance" to him

Najib later took to his Facebook page to explain why he lost his cool, saying the interview happened at the same time his wife Rosmah Mansor, his son and their step-son were being questioned by the police's Anti-Money Laundering Crime Investigation Team

"The interviewer who was previously responsible for a program about the Altantuya murder had persisted on the topic - a topic which I had denied involvement many times over the past decade. That topic, together with the concern about my family did get me worked-up and lost my cool for a moment," Najib wrote on his Facebook page.

Saying that will not hesitate to say yes should Al-Jazeera want to interview him again, Najib added that he offers his apology "if I had lost my cool".

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