The Only Thing My Father Is Guilty Of Is Trying To Do His Best For His Country

Yana has leapt to the defence of Najib, claiming her father has never put his needs first.

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Najib Razak's daughter has, once again, come to her father's defence, this time against the recent criticism from folks in UMNO

The former prime minister has been under fire from people within his own party, who have called him a "baggage" and questioned his presence during the Sungai Kandis by-election, which BN's candidate Lokman Adam lost to PH.

The ousted Barisan Nasional chairman, who is facing seven charges in total for the SRC International Bhd case, a former subsidiary of 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), has even been blamed for the party's loss by people who once revered him.

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According to Nooryana Najwa Najib, her father has tried to serve the people of Malaysia and make their lives better. "The only thing he is guilty of is trying to do his best for his country," she added.

She claimed that her father's appearance in Sungai Kandis was "a reflection of his first love and do what he loves most - spending time with the rakyat."

"When anyone asks for help, as long as the request is reasonable, he has never put his needs first. It's always about the other person asking for help.

"He has never abandoned the rakyat, companions, and comrades in challenging times although today, some may be doing just that. For most of his life, DSN has tried to serve the people of Malaysia and make their lives better and the nation better and stronger," Nooryana wrote in a comment piece in published on Malaysiakini.

Nooryana claimed that not just her father but even she, felt responsible to show support to Lokman who was brave enough to galvanise support on the night when Najib was arrested by MACC

"He was one of the few who stood outside the MACC building the night dad was taken in. As a daughter, worried for her father's safety, I felt relieved there was a group of DSN's supporters who showed that he wasn't alone in this battle to clear his name.

"When someone goes against the grain to stand up for your family, wouldn’t you feel obliged to return the favour if he or she needs a helping hand? It's only natural that we reciprocate other people's thoughtful deeds," Nooryana said.

She added that her father could have put his circumstances first, but that would have been at the expense of letting down someone who wanted and needed his help.

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She ended her piece saying that while times are tough now, her father is a tough man too, one who has been made "the main political target by those who wanted power for themselves"

Previously, Nooryana came to her father's defence when he was arrested last month, urging Malaysians to spare a thought for her father who for 42 years have thought of the rakyat:

Meanwhile, Khairy has lodged a report against Najib:

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