"You Can Paint A Man Black But Allah Knows": Najib's Daughter Says After His Arrest

Yana took to her Instagram, asking Malaysians to think of her father "this one time".

Cover image via Malaysiakini

Following Najib Razak's arrest on Tuesday, his daughter, Nooryana Najwa Najib posted on Instagram to urge Malaysians to spare a thought for her father who for 42 years have thought of the "rakyat"

In her post, the former prime minister's daughter, who goes by YanaNajib on Instagram, wrote that her father had always thought of the people.

"For 42 years, he has thought of the rakyat when he wakes up from sleep until he goes to bed," she said, asking Malaysians to think of her father, whom the High Court today charged with three counts of criminal breach of trust (CBT) and one count of abuse of power, carrying a maximum of 20 years imprisonment each.

"Let's just think of him this one time when he needs us the most," Yana wrote, adding that people can "paint a man black but Allah knows."

"No one is as kind, loving and gentle as this man."

According to Najib's daughter, "he has more emotional and mental strength than all of us put together. Even in the face of adversity today, he smiled, laughed and gave us all a hug...worried more for the family than himself."

Yana also wrote that "if it can happen to our leaders, it can happen to anyone of us...nevertheless we believe Allah is not sleeping," suggesting wrongdoing by authorities who arrested Najib

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