Nanny In Johor Died After Running Into Burning House To Save Children Under Her Care

She sustained burns on 80% of her face, hands, feet, chest, and back.

Cover image via Sinchew

On 29 July, 59-year-old Xu left two young children under her care at her home in Batu Pahat, Johor while she went out to buy breakfast

Both girls were two years old, and one of them was her granddaughter, Sinchew reported.

Image via Sinchew

When she returned, she was shocked to find that her living room was on fire.

The woman's 31-year-old son arrived at her house soon after, but could not enter the house due to the raging blaze in the living room.

Fearful for the fate of the little girls, Xu took a small towel, wet it, and ran into the house with the towel on her head

Her son went to the other side of the home and entered through the back door.

He found his mother holding the two children and sitting on the ground. However, she was not moving.

The man dragged the children and Xu out of the house.

Image via Sinchew

One of the two year olds did not suffer any injuries, while the other had minor burns on her legs.

However, Xu had sustained burns on 80% of her face, hands, feet, chest, and back.

The 59-year-old, who was sent to a hospital for treatment, died at 5am on 30 July.

According to her son, this was the last batch of children she was going to take care of as she planned to retire soon, after working as a nanny for 24 years.

She told him once that taking care of other people's children is a huge responsibility and that they must be treated like family, Sinchew reported.

Image via Sinchew

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