Neighbour Allegedly Dumps Trash In Man's Car After He Parked In The Wrong Spot For 2 Days

The car that allegedly parked there by mistake was already clamped for two days when the owner discovered it had been vandalised.

Cover image via Elyssa Goldy via B40 Buat Perangai Apa Harini (Facebook) & @bundlekitaa_ (TikTok)

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A 42-second video shared on TikTok shows a man's angry reaction after discovering that someone threw trash inside his car

The video starts with the man cussing and complaining about what happened to his car. He can be heard demanding from security guards to see surveillance camera footage of the incident.

"Do you think this car was bought cheaply?" he said in the video.

His wife's voice can also be heard asking two security guards and another man at the scene to get the owner of the parking spot.

"Bang, aren't I nice to you?" he shouted twice before saying, "We just parked here by mistake. Couldn't you be more considerate? This is trash!"

The couple are then heard telling the guards that they had already paid the fine after the car was clamped and continued to demand the parking spot owner be called down.

The wife then posted a series of Instagram stories, further explaining the issue

She claims that her husband parked in the wrong spot by mistake. The car was clamped and they had already paid the cost.

"But apparently, the owner of the parking spot has the behaviour of a dog. They forced open the door and threw the trash with feces," she wrote.

"If your behaviour is still like the people who live in the jungle, you shouldn't move in to classy places like this."

"Us residents here don't behave like you. Is it your first time living in classy places like this? Poor you," she added.

The couple proceeded to make a police report on the matter

In the police report, the man explained that the incident happened in their condominium parking area in Kuala Lumpur after he parked the car there for two days on 16 July. After paying RM75, he found his car had been trashed.

The security guard then told him that the owner of the parking lot also attempted to smash the window of the car but was stopped from doing so.

The man then clarified that he made the report because he was worried about the safety of himself and his belongings.

The issue went viral on social media and netizens had mixed reactions

Some netizens believe that the owner of the parking lot was in the wrong for his alleged behaviour.

"After asking for the car to be clamped, it should be settled la. Instead you were willing to take the trash down. [You had] nothing else to do and [you're] brainless," one user commented.

Another person shared that they had also faced the same situation before, but he had never thought of throwing trash inside the offender's car. He also suggested the owner ask the guard to contact the offender and request for the car to be towed if the issue persists.

Image via Facebook

However, other netizens felt that the actions of the parking spot owner were justified.

One netizen questioned if the car owner actually made an honest mistake in parking his car there or if the parking spot is just more convenient. "If this has happened multiple times, it's no wonder the owner would do that," he said.

"Taking what belongs to others and then playing the victim. They should be trashed [for their] trashy attitude," wrote a user.

"Parking at another person's spot for two days. The owner would be burdened if they had to park in the guest parking lot further away from the lift while carrying items or children. I would also be angry. The clamp fees won't be given to the [parking spot's] owner anyway," a netizen opined.

Image via Facebook

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