Woman Showing RM400 Fuel Bill For Lambo Gets Backlash For Using Phone At Petrol Station

The woman emphasised that the price of the petrol is not expensive at all.

Cover image via @isusemasaviral (Twitter)

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A woman has gone viral after filming herself pumping over RM400 worth of petrol for her Lamborghini at a Shell petrol station

The entrepreneur asked members of the public in a one-minute-27-second video whether they knew how much it costs to fill up a full tank for a Lamborghini.

In the video, she can be heard saying, "It's not expensive, it's actually cheap. Let me show you."

The model of the vehicle has been identified as the Lamborghini Huracán Evo which, according to New Straits Times, had a starting price of RM1.15 million when it was first launched in Malaysia in 2019.

The businesswoman brought viewers along with her as she went to pump petrol into the gas tank

However, she seems confused as she couldn't figure out how to open the gas tank at first, and is seen struggling to stick the nozzle in the tank. She then asks for her husband's help.

After her husband helps her with adjusting the nozzle, she moves a few metres away from the car, saying she was "afraid to stand too close to it".

When the tank was filled, the woman showed the bill on the fuel dispenser that came up to RM466.90 for 75.08L

She continued to emphasise that the price for refuelling the luxury car was not a big deal.

"You guys, it's not even expensive. It's cheap. It's only a little more than RM400," she wrote in the video's captions.

Netizens did not take too kindly to the woman's video and criticised her for using her phone at the petrol station

Twitter users also tagged @PDRMsia and @PDRMsia_Trafik in their comments and pointed out she was using her phone when it was prohibited.

One Twitter user commented, "When you go to school... but don't know the laws. Using your mobile phone at the petrol station is prohibited. Can't she read?"

Image via Twitter

"Money can't buy you class," another scorned.

Image via Twitter

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