Cockroach Dies In S'porean Woman's Ear & We Think We Died A Little Inside Too

Sleeping with one eye open tonight.

Cover image via How To Murder Pests & TikTok

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Cockroaches are already a menace in our own homes, and even more so when they have the audacity to crawl near our bodies

According to an 8world article, a Singaporean woman was unlucky enough to experience just how unpleasant it is to have a pest crawl INTO one of her orifices and die in there.

Documenting the experience on TikTok, she reported that she was sleeping in her bed when she felt a cockroach crawling near her ear, trying to get into it. She immediately began to smack at the cockroach in order to kill it.

Image via TikTok

To her horror, the creature crawled further into her ear to seek refuge from her attempts to kill it

The TikToker explained in a follow-up video that the cockroach, which was estimated to be between 3.5cm and 4cm, was still alive and kicking when it crawled into her ear. 

This is when she took a capful of mouthwash and cupped it against her ear in order to drown the menace.

Her unconventional method actually worked, but unfortunately, she now had to deal with a dead cockroach stuck deep in the crevice of her ear. Using tweezers, she tried to pull the body out. To her dismay, it broke into pieces and now she was unable to retrieve the rest of the cockroach.

"I reached into my ear, right? And I broke the cockroach in half. I broke it into pieces, so the white guts came out and, like, the skin," she explained while cringing in disgust. 

Image via TikTok

She finally decided to visit the Accident and Emergency room to get some help with her predicament

There, the TikToker said the doctor used some medical tools to tweeze the body out with the help of a suction.

After painfully pulling leg after leg out, the doctor finally managed to get every piece of the insect (or what was left of it) out of her ear. That included the head. Yes, feelers and all.

She was then given antibacterial ear drops and was sent on her way home. Truly, a wild ride from start to finish.

Image via TikTok

Netizens in her comments were understandably disgusted and horrified

Some users commented that they were going to sleep with headphones or earphones from now on.

Image via TikTok

Another commenter even said that they wanted to put a plastic bag over their head before sleeping. (Okay, obviously don't do this, guys.)

Image via TikTok

A silver lining to this situation was that this incident was qualified to be claimed as accident insurance, so at least the cockroach didn't give her anymore headaches than it already did. 

Image via TikTok

If cockroaches continue disrespecting us like this, we'll have no choice but to take drastic measures

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