[VIDEO] Neighbours Break Into Apartment Unit To Put Out Fire Whilst Tenant Sleeps Soundly

They had to break into the unit using a hammer.

Cover image via @kelvenchuah (TikTok)

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On Friday, 22 July, at approximately 8pm, a fire broke out in an apartment unit at the Kelana Puteri Condominium complex, Petaling Jaya

Documented through a video posted on TikTok, the user by the name of Kelven Chuah recounted that when he and his family were at home, they smelt something burning.

They thought that maybe something caught on fire in their own home but upon further investigation, they realised that the burning smell was coming from a unit, a floor below their own.

Smoke (circled red) was seen rising from one of the condominium units.

Image via Kelven Chuah/SAYS

Acting quickly, Chuah and his father rushed downstairs and found an apartment unit on fire

Although the front door was open, the gate was locked shut and prevented them from entering the apartment unit to help. They had no choice but to procure a hammer in order to break the gate open and enter the unit.

Whilst his father was trying to open the gate, Chuah rushed to the apartment lobby to alert the security guards on duty.

It wasn't long before the gate gave way from hammering as a fire extinguisher was brought to the scene by one of the security guards

One of the security guards entered the unit and put out the flame with the fire extinguisher. The video showed a guard rushing into the unit without hesitation and promptly extinguished the fire.

Once the fire had been successfully put out, they checked the apartment to see if there was anyone at home

It was then the tenant, still unaware of the issue, appeared from one of the rooms and began to yell at them. 

It turns out that he had been sleeping all this while and did not smell the smoke nor did he hear any of the commotion. Those who were there at the scene told him sternly that his apartment had been on fire and he could have been harmed.

The tenant was promptly brought out of the unit and was reported to be unharmed. There were no other reported injuries as well.

It turns out the fire started due to some prayer items catching fire before spreading to other materials in the house

Speaking to SAYS, Chuah sent a video showing the extent of the damage caused by the fire. The video shows the walls of the apartment have been blackened by the flames. 

Aside from the blackened walls and the prayer items that have been turned to ash, the fire looked to be mostly isolated to one area. No other items or furniture was damaged aside from the Wi-Fi router that was sitting close to the fire.

Netizens commented under Chuah's TikTok video were very impressed by how quickly and efficiently the dangerous situation was handled

Netizens praised the the security guard who bravely stormed into the unit to extinguish the fire. The other guards were also given a thumbs up for helping with the situation.

One user said, "This security guard is really amazing. He should be promoted to head of security. Really brave of him to enter. I think others would have just allowed it [the apartment] to be destroyed." 

"You are the best brother. Deserve to be promoted. Deserve to be praised. Sincere when carrying out your duties. So brave. The best," another user wrote.

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

Other netizens mentioned how the whole situation could have ended badly if it weren't for the observant neighbours and efficient security staff.

"There are many cases like this. Falling asleep and never waking up and many victims die because of carbon monoxide poisoning before [the building is] burned and destroyed," said a user.

Image via TikTok

The video of the incident can be found below:

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