Netizens Are Amazed By Photos Of Clear Floodwaters In Japan Caused By Typhoon Hagibis

There was no visible trash in the floodwaters.

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Photos of a residential area in Japan have gone viral because netizens are amazed by how clear the floodwaters are

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"Japan is so strong, the place is so clean even after being inundated by floodwaters," read a viral post with over 9,000 shares.

The floodwaters were turquoise blue in colour and there was no visible trash floating on the streets

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In one of the photos, the floodwaters were so clear that even the ground is almost visible.

A video by The Guardian showing flash floods caused by Typhoon Hagibis in Shizuoka Prefecture saw the same clear floodwaters.The person who filmed the video could even see his submerged legs when he pointed the camera downwards.

Image via The Guardian

Many netizens have flooded the comment section to commend the cleanliness of Japan

"So clean. No rubbish floating. I wish Malaysia will be like this," a netizen wrote.

"This is the result of the country's education, which produced citizens with high civic values," another netizen added.

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One netizen said in jest that even the koi fish, who were only swimming in the drain, are now free.

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Typhoon Hagibis has killed at least 35 individuals since it hit Japan on Saturday night, 12 October

People wading through clear floodwaters in Saga city, Japan.

Image via The Straits Times

According to AFP, more than 110,000 rescuers are currently working around the clock to search for people trapped by the disaster.

Wind gusts hit Japan at a rate of 216 kilometres per hour. It was reportedly one of the most powerful storms to hit the Tokyo area in decades.

Image via BBC

While there are photos showing clean floodwaters around Japan, there are also many photos showing muddy floodwaters which were caused by overflowing rivers.

Japanese are known for being considerate when it comes to cleanliness. Here are some past instances that have made headlines:

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