"KL Doesn't Accept Coldplay" — Netizens Are Blaming British Band For Recent Heavy Storm

While some Malaysians are suffering from the devastating effects of climate change, others are blaming Coldplay.

Cover image via @utusantvofficial (TikTok) & Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Time

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On Friday, 19 May, Kuala Lumpur (KL) was struck by a heavy storm that took the city by surprise

Several news outlets reported the incident, with some posting photos and videos of the catastrophe on their social media accounts.

In a 26-second clip, local Malay publication @utusantvofficial shared how the incident affected people at Pavillion KL.

Several shoppers and pedestrians were seen standing inside the mall, avoiding the disaster unfolding outside while investigating what was going on.

The heavy storm also caused the roof of a booth in front of the mall to collapse, prompting three people to flee towards the mall's door for safety.

Despite the tragic video, some netizens took the opportunity to demonise Coldplay in the comments section, accusing the band of bringing disaster to the country

One user simply commented the British band's name, implying that the tragedy occurred because they were scheduled to visit Malaysia.

Image via TikTok

"Even KL doesn't accept Coldplay. This is God warning us," wrote another.

Image via TikTok

However, some users came to Coldplay's aid, mocking those who claimed the band was to blame for the tragedy

"I just found out that storms, natural disasters, and flash floods all happened because of Coldplay. It's what these people see," commented one user.

Image via TikTok

"It's climate change but they're blaming it on Coldplay," wrote one Twitter user.

Image via Twitter

Watch the full video of the storm here:

On Wednesday, 10 May, a PAS leader urged the government to cancel Coldplay's concert in Malaysia:

Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Coldplay's frontman Chris Martin expressed his excitement to visit Malaysia: