Hijabi Appears On Adult Site Ad To Promote Her Sex Education Book For Married Women

The slogan quoted her book, saying, "My hobby is travelling. His body is my favorite destination."

Cover image via Astro Awani & Instagram @olevelove

Indonesian Instagram celebrity Citra Ayu Mustika has sparked a controversy among netizens with an advertisement for her book, 'Uncensored', that appeared in an online adult shop

Citra, who wears a hijab, was featured in a web banner on showcasing a promotional bundle which included her book, a box of condoms, and a bonus "joy kit", a mystery gift for those who buy her book through the website, as reported by The Star.

Image via Malay Mail

The advertisement is captioned with a quote taken from Citra's book, "My hobby is travelling. His body is my favorite destination."

The website further describes her book as a "guide for 'solehot' wives", which according to Malay Mail, is a wordplay on both the words 'solehah' (pious woman) and 'hot'.

A mother of two and a bank employee by day, Citra is mostly known for her bold educational posts on Instagram

She explores topics such as breastfeeding and postnatal sex.

She also shares sex tips with her more than 138,000 followers and uses the hashtag #teronglyf in her posts, referring to the suggestive eggplant, which is also on her book cover.

Citra unabashedly shares intimate stories about her and her husband and is a strong advocate for breastfeeding among working mothers.

Her followers, mostly young mothers, have praised Citra for openly highlighting such controversial topics, as well as appearing in an advertisement featuring condoms.

Many of her fans have also defended Citra by slamming her critics online.

Replying to a privatised tweet, this Twitter user wrote, "I am annoyed. This is not about hijabi women or halal condoms. She is an Instagram celebrity who has shared many things about breastfeeding and the sex lives of new parents."

"This is a bold move for hijabi mothers. For your information, that is her own photo, her book, and her tagline."

"And besides, is there anything wrong with a hijabi woman in a condom ad? Aren't we allowed to buy contraceptives?" she added.

Meanwhile, in praise of her book, this Twitter user said, "After I got married, I bought her e-book. I related to the early chapters so much that I started to cry while reading. Why doesn't anyone talk about how complicated marriage life is? It is a good read on sex education for marriage."

She then recommend those who just got married to read her book.

"This is a person who has done much for young mothers. Especially in the topic of postnatal sex. This is awesome. She is so brave," said another thankful Twitter user.

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