Netizens Are Very Amused By This Lazada Seller's Concerned Response To Trolls

"Please control yourself my dear."

Cover image via Lazada

A seller on Lazada has been receiving quite a lot of attention lately after netizens expressed their "concern" over a certain product

Facebook user Jones Low brought the product to attention in a post yesterday, 22 May that has since garnered over 6,400 shares.

Here is the device in question:

Image via Lazada

The contraption, which attaches to a door and connects to a user's neck, is said to act as a brace.

By pulling on an elastic traction belt, the device claims to relieve head, neck, and shoulder pain and stiff muscles.

The product, which has a 4.7 star rating by a couple of reviewers, has since lured Internet trolls to question its actual use

Image via Lazada

Meanwhile, several netizens have also piped in with their own potential uses for the device

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Although the Internet has been throwing shade at it, the seller has not failed to disappoint with witty replies and "concerned" pleas

With that said, please heed their advice and take a holiday, eat your favourite food, or hang out with friends if life is being a pain in the a** right now

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However, if you do need to talk to someone, here's how:

Here's one company that always has the best comebacks on social media:

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