Netizens Express Deep Sadness Over PNB CEO's Resignation

Jalil shared that the level of harassment made him worry about his family's well-being.

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Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB) president and group chief executive officer (CEO) Jalil Rasheed resigned yesterday, 15 June, following harassment that made him fear for the safety of his family

PNB confirmed the resignation on Monday, according to Focus Malaysia.

The 38-year-old, who became PNB's youngest CEO last year, detailed the reasons for his resignation in a Twitter thread yesterday, which has been retweeted over 17,800 times.

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"When I took this role on, I told everybody I will never waver in my principles in performing my duties. Oftentimes making the right decisions is riddled with difficulties and some will be unpopular. There was a line I would not cross," Jalil shared in a tweet.

He went on to explain that he has received hate phone calls and his corporate email account and LinkedIn profile were hacked over the past week

"My assistant alerted me to this where I found details on my profile changed. To reflect the narrative of stories peddling around over the weekend. The images floating online [were] also doctored," he explained.

The level of harassment made me worry for my family's well-being.

"In the end, it was not worth the effort when my family was unfairly being dragged into this unfortunate situation."

Jalil shared that moving from Singapore to KL was a huge financial and family sacrifice, which they had made in support of his decision to contribute to building this nation.

"Sadly this has come to an abrupt end... I have never been attracted to the perks of my office. I was always driven by niat baik, to do good. So these personal attacks are uncalled for."

Despite that, the now-former CEO said that the past eight and a half months have been rewarding and that he has no regrets having joined the team

"I'd like to thank my board for their wonderful support. It's the best board any CEO can have. Special mention to TS Zeti for giving me this opportunity to serve and taking a chance with an unknown," Jalil added, expressing gratitude for his other teams.

"Finally, my wife who sacrificed her own aspirations in order for me to forge ahead in my career. Thank you. When we moved back to KL, I told her it'll be worth it. I'm sorry it didn't work out that way."

In response to his Twitter thread, many have come out to thank Jalil for his integrity and wished him all the best

You can read his full Twitter thread below:

Jalil's pragmatic style of leadership was previously praised by many after he implemented a work from home policy:

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