M'sians Are Horrified By RM300 Rental Rooms In KL That Can Only Fit A Single-Size Mattress

The photo shows a windowless room big enough to only fit a single-size mattress and a wall fan.

Cover image via @flwrsxB (Twitter)

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A photo of a small room being rented for RM300 a month in Kuala Lumpur has sparked discussion among Malaysians, with some expressing worry about the rental market

The photo, showing a room big enough to only fit a single-size mattress and a wall fan, was posted online by Twitter user @flwrsxB on Sunday, 31 July.

"Good morning [to all] except for homeowners in KL that rent out rooms like this," she wrote.

In a subsequent tweet, probably for justification of the rental price, she said the room is located in Maluri. It is apparently situated near a LRT station and Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, and has a view of KLCC.

The tweet has since garnered over 19,000 retweets and almost 1,000 replies, with netizens appalled that such a small space was being rented out for someone to live in

"This really follows the size of a grave, doesn't it?" asked a Twitter user.

"Even if you gave this to me for free, I don't want it... It's like a hole for a grave," said another.

Image via Twitter

However, many others pointed out that this is a sad reality for some Malaysians when renting rooms

"I, too, rented a room in Manjung, Perak, RM300, and it was exactly like this. It was a shophouse. One floor had 10 rooms!" said a netizen.

They hoped that there will be regulations for small rooms such as these in the future, or that landlords will at least provide rooms with windows and ventilation.

Another netizen said, "It's like this in Johor Bahru too, where one room is RM450. Before renting, they even ask if you work in Johor Bahru or Singapore. If you work in Singapore, the rent becomes RM550."

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, other Twitter users expressed worry and likened the situation to Hong Kong's notorious 'cage homes'

In Hong Kong, city dwellers live in excessively cramped, subdivided flats due to high rental prices.

"People in KL will soon be the same as the people in Hong Kong," commented a user.

Image via Twitter

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