Grab Says New Driver Sign-Ups Are Declining Because Of New Regulations Set By The Govt

Malaysians are thinking twice about signing up as an e-hailing driver.

Cover image via Grab Driver Recruitment Malaysia

The recent introduction of new regulations for e-hailing drivers is causing fewer new driver sign-ups on Grab, the platform's country head revealed

Grab Malaysia country head Sean Goh told reporters after a meeting with the Council Of Eminent Persons earlier today, 1 August, that the number of new sign-ups has dropped significantly following a new ruling which requires e-hailing drivers to be regulated under the same rules as taxi drivers. 

However, Goh said it is "normal" to see a decrease during a transition period such as this

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"We are finding the best solution for all (parties) as we understand the majority of our drivers are part-timers and their income from Grab contributes 30% to their household income," he said as quoted by The Star Online.

It was also revealed that 80% of Grab drivers were part-timers earning supplementary incomes from the e-hailing service provider

As such, Goh said Grab will be introducing new and cheaper options for Malaysians to sign-up as new drivers.

"For insurance, we want to make sure we have a few options available and then we will recommend the best option to our drivers based on their driving pattern," he told The Edge Markets. 

Transport Minister Anthony Loke insisted that the new standards will provide a level playing field for the taxi industry and e-hailing operators:

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