"I'm So Sorry" - Newborn Baby Found With An Apology Note In Front Of A House In Perak

A man found the child around 2.15am yesterday, 25 December.

Cover image via New Straits Times

A newborn baby boy was abandoned in front of a couple's house in Kampung Kurnia Jaya, Kamunting yesterday, 25 December

According to Malay Mail Online, the child was left wrapped in a green curtain cloth and placed on a bin liner in front of the couple's garage.

Acting Taiping police chief Superintendent Razlam Ab Hamid said that nobody saw who left the child on the couple's doorstep.

A note was found next to the baby, which read, "Please take good care of this child. I am so sorry, I couldn't take care of him but I love him very much."

"I hope and want only the best for him. Please let him have a happy life. Don't tell him what happened. Tell him uncle and auntie (the house owners) are the biological parents. I come from afar with hopes that he would have a better life. 

"Don't let people insult him or call him illegitimate... please take care of him and don't tell anyone besides your family," read the rest of the note. 

The couple immediately called the emergency services after finding the baby and the child was transported to the Taiping hospital shorty after

Razlam said that based on initial examinations, the doctors determined that the baby was born at full term and weighs around 2.5kg. 

The doctors believe that the child was born around two hours before it was found early morning yesterday.

The baby is now under the care of the Welfare Department. 

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