Newlywed Hubby Divorces His Wife After She Ignored Him On Bed And Kept Texting Her Friends

'WTF Wednesday': Marriages break down, but it's the reason why this one broke down in the immediate hours after the ceremony that makes it ridiculously hilarious.

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Marriages have never been an easy thing.

And in this day and age, they certainly seem an almost impossible thing to sustain with some breaking down after a certain point of time together and some in the immediate hours after the ceremony.

Yep, but it is what it is!

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Like this one is Saudi Arabia, which didn't even last past the wedding night where the wife of a newlywed husband ignored his attempts to consummate their marriage... because she was texting!


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As reported by Gulf News, here's what happened:

"Following the marriage ceremony, the groom took his bride to the hotel where they had booked a room," one of the groom's relatives said.

"However, as soon as the bride was in the room, she kept using her mobile. Her groom tried to get closer to her and become more intimate, but he was shocked when she ignored him, not responding to his words and action."

Frustrated, the groom asked his newlywed wife why is she not interested, she answered that she was busy texting back her friends who were congratulating her on her marriage, said the relative, adding that when he asked her to reply them later, she refused and got angry instead.

If that wasn't enough, what came after that was probably more painful for the husband than his wife ignoring his advances on the bed. In the relative's words, "When he asked her if her friends were more important than he was, the bride answered that they were."

When she not only ignores your advances, but drops the 'her-friends-are-more-important' bomb on you!

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Maybe the newlywed hubby should have made the wife take an additional vow to keep away her phone till they can consummate their marriage. But that would have been too controling, no?

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