This Man Left His RM4,000 A Month Job To Become A Full-Time Cucumber Farmer

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Six years ago, Mohamad Amir Hasridz Bakar left his RM4,000 a month managerial post at a telecommunication company to sweat it out in the field as an agropreneur at Temerloh, Pahang

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However, Amir has never once regretted his decision to trade his suit and ties for thick farmer boots and shovels.

"My late father was a well-known farmer in this area when he was young and this is what motivated me to follow in his footsteps," he told Bernama in an interview.

With little savings from his previous job, he successfully started a small-scale farm growing chillies using fertigation method

Fertigation method is a process that combines fertilisation and irrigation by adding fertiliser to the water supply system.

That success gave him the confidence to lease 0.7 hectare of land, from Rubber Industry Smallholders Development Authority (RISDA) in Kampung Berhala Gantang to plant cucumber using the same fertigation system which worked for his chilly crops.

"In a few years, I was able to expand my farm and there are now 10,000 polybags of cucumber plants at four farming sites.

"I'm able to harvest about one metric tonne of cucumbers daily and Alhamdulillah (Praise to God), through hard work, I'm able to earn more than my previous job and also able to provide jobs to my workers," he said.

His wife, Nordini Hashim, helps Amir in managing the farms with three permanent employees and two part-timers.

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Amir, the CEO of Bakar Fresh Farm, plans to open seven more cucumber farms using the fertigation method

He received a grant of RM40,000 from the government and has benefitted from various training courses organised under the agropreneur programme. 

Amir said, "I hope to have a bigger farm, of up to 10 hectares, and hope the government can help provide the site."

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We wish you all the best, Amir!

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