On Int'l Women's Day This M'sian Politician Suggested Wives Gift Husbands With Other Women

The member of PAS argued that this would make the occasion more meaningful.

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On International Women's Day, 8 March, the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women are celebrated worldwide

An International Women's Strike in New York in 2017.

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Across the globe, International Women's Day is an occasion used to call for change to women's rights by pushing forward gender equality.

The Women's March Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur yesterday, 10 March.

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On the topic of International Women’s Day, Perak PAS Information chief - Wan Tarmizi Abdul Aziz - suggested that more women should consent to polygamy as a show of female empowerment

"Women's Day will be more meaningful if a woman gifts another woman to her spouse as a mark of appreciation of other women," he wrote on his Facebook account on 8 March.

At the time of writing, the Facebook post received mixed reactions, with some commenters suspecting that Wan Tarmizi's account had been hacked

Wan Tarmizi's Facebook post is no longer available to view.

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On 2 March, the Information chief claimed that his Facebook account had been hacked when another controversial status was posted.

The status which read, “some pray but do not want to support PAS, something must be wrong with their prayers,” garnered criticisms from netizens.

The political figure told Sinar Harian that he was teaching an Islamic class at the time of the posting, and that there are parties attempting to ruin his image as well as PAS’ reputation.

However, Wan Tarmizi explained that there was no hacking in this instance and that his statement – which is no longer available – was merely based on Islamic teachings

He told Malaysiakini that "In Islam, one has to fulfil certain conditions to have more than one wife... Financial obligations are just one condition... He has to be a provider."

The PAS politician also added that he was unperturbed by criticisms over his views.

Wan Tarmizi confirmed that he is currently in a monogamous relationship, but he refused to confirm whether his wife shared his views on polygamy.

PAS’ women chief expressed her agreement with Wan Tarmizi’s view, adding that polygamy is a God-given right to men

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Nuridah Salleh, the head of Muslimat PAS, stated that Muslim women should not question a man’s ‘right to polygamy’, which is God-given.  

After referring to a Quranic verse frequently quoted by conservative Muslims to justify polygamy, she told FMT that “A man is allowed to marry more than one woman as stated in Islam. Who are we to question the decision and Islam?”

“If he is unable to cope even with one wife then it would be a problem,” she added.

Muslim men in Malaysia can take up to four wives as long as permission is granted by the Syariah Court. The conditions for polygamy vary from State to State according to its own Syariah law.

The Wilayah Persekutuan Syariah Court.

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Each State in Malaysia is allowed under the Federal Constitution to decide on its own Muslim family law.

In Perak, the husband needs to only make a declaration before a Syariah Court judge that “he shall be fair to his wives”, while in Kelantan and Terengganu there are no conditions stipulated aside from making a declaration to the Court.

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In all other States, there are four other conditions to be met for polygamy to be legal:

1. The proposed marriage must be just and necessary;

2. The husband must have sufficient financial means;

3. The husband will accord equal treatment to the existing wife/wives; and

4. The proposed marriage will not cause darar syarie (danger or harm) to the existing wife.

Last month, a president of a community club in Muar called on MCA to fight for polygamous marriages on behalf of the Chinese community to prevent decline in population:

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