Pahang Man Casually Steals A Woman's Car While She Refuels At Petrol Station

The victim had left the engine running while pumping petrol into her car.

Cover image via @redzuanNewsMPB (Twitter)

A video of a woman getting her car stolen while refuelling at a petrol station has been making its rounds on social media

Journalist Mohd Redzuan Abdul Manap posted the video along with a caption that read, "Share to remind each other while filling up on petrol. Turn off your car engine, lock the door, and be aware of your surroundings. A case of car theft while refuelling at Petron Kg Megat Segama next to Taman Sri Semantan Batu 3, in Temerloh, Pahang."

The 27-second CCTV footage shows a man wearing a grey hoodie casually walking towards a yellow car before entering the vehicle and driving away

The owner of the car, a woman wearing a blue hijab, was standing by the petrol pump.

When the man got into the car, she opened the rear door and attempted to chase the car. However, the man quickly drove the vehicle away, causing the woman to fall onto the ground.

Harian Metro reported that the victim is a 20-year-old student and she had left the engine running while refuelling her car.

The incident took place yesterday, 28 September, around 8am and the woman sustained minor injuries from the fall.

The suspect has been caught by authorities in Subang Jaya

Temerloh police chief ACP Mohd Yusri Othman told Harian Metro that the suspect was tracked down and arrested by a team of officers from the Subang Jaya Criminal Investigation Department around 1pm yesterday.

"We managed to nab the suspect, who has previous criminal records involving drug abuse, at Subang Jaya," he said.

Temerloh police chief ACP Mohd Yusri Othman.

Image via JSJ Kontinjen Pahang (Facebook)

The suspect has been taken to the Termeloh Police Station and investigations will be carried out under Section 379A of the Penal Code.

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