PAS VP Claims Transgenders Are Dangerous To Women In Toilets Because They Are "Masculine"

He also slammed suggestions to amend the 'Tazir' punishment following criticism towards the public caning of two Terengganu women.

Cover image via Dewan Muslimat PAS Malaysia/Facebook

Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) vice president Idris Ahmad warned against letting transgender women share toilets with women as they have "masculine" strengths

PAS vice president Idris Ahmad

Image via Malay Mail

Without naming anyone, Idris was referring to a deputy minister's suggestion for transgender women to share toilets with women. 

"He (the transgender woman) is a man with strength of a man. (If) you allow him to use the female toilet, it's dangerous," Idris said at the PAS Muslimat 58th general assembly earlier today, 14 September.

"His limbs are not made of plastic, he is a man," Idris added.

Referencing recent criticism on the public caning of the Terengganu women, Idris stressed that the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community has become a worldwide movement

"(The issue of public caning) has led to suggestions of amending the 'Tazir' punishment (punishment for sinful actions in Islam) so that it will not offend non-Muslims," Idris said. 

He claimed that such suggestions mean that Malays are left to feel offended as long as the feelings of non-Muslims are catered to.

"(But) we want to remind them (the LGBT community) that the Malays are sensitive when it comes to religious issues," he added.

Idris' sentiment was shared by PAS Muslimat chief Nuridah Mohd Salleh during the assembly today

PAS Muslimat chief Nuridah Mohd Salleh

Image via Malay Mail

Nuridah "reminded" Malaysians that national harmony must be guarded, especially by upholding the constitutional position of Islam.

"Don't try to challenge the tolerance of Malays that has lasted all this while," she said today.

"This special tolerance to share power with other ethnic groups peacefully cannot be found in other countries," the PAS Muslimat chief added.

You can watch the general assembly in full here:

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Idris' statement is the latest addition to a string of anti-LGBT comments made by state muftis and politicians:

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