Passenger Returns His MAS In-Flight Blanket After 9 Years, Says He's Very Sorry

"It's actually my favourite blanket. I'm sorry again MAS."

Cover image via Harian Metro & Instagram @kay_abdul

On Saturday, 18 January, a Malaysia Airlines (MAS) crew member came across something left by a passenger on a flight that landed at King Abdulaziz International Airport, Jeddah

On a seat was a note attached to a plastic bag with a blanket carefully packed inside.

"Sorry. I didn't know better last time. If I'm not wrong, I took this blanket around 2011. I'm giving it back to you today," read the note.

"I'm sorry and I ask for your forgiveness for using it all this time. It's actually my favourite blanket. I'm sorry again MAS."

Image via Harian Metro

The story gained public attention after the crew member handed the package over to Chief Steward Kamarulzaman Abd Karim, fondly known as Kay, who posted the honest note on Instagram

"As always, we will conduct inspections in the cabins after passengers leave to see if any personal items are left behind," said Kay.

"However, something sweet happened yesterday on MH156 from Kuala Lumpur to Jeddah," wrote Kay in his post.

"During the inspection, a crew found a pack of goods with a note inside it on the chair and handed it to me. Apparently, the package contained a blanket that the passenger had taken nine years ago to return."

However, he shared that the passenger could not be identified because they had not left their name or contact number on the note.

Kay reading the note onboard the plane.

Image via Instagram @kay_abdul

Nevertheless, Kay was moved by the honesty of the person who was willing to return the blanket after keeping it for so long

"The blankets are provided to the passenger for only use in the cabin and will be washed to be re-used on other flights," Kay told Harian Metro.

"However, some passengers have taken them because they think the blankets are souvenirs and I'm sure this happens in other airlines as well."

"I just didn't expect the passenger to return it and his action made me touched," he said.

Netizens have also been touched by the story of the apologetic traveller while some actually wanted MAS to sell the blanket so they could actually own it

"Dear MAS, I hope you can sell the blanket in Temptations! I'm interested to buy it!" said this Twitter user, requesting the blanket to be sold in the MAS in-flight catalogue.

Meanwhile, this user also asked MAS to forgive her for taking bowls on flights to be used at home to fill with sambal.

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