7-Year-Old Melts Hearts By Guiding Blind Parents Around Her New Primary School

She even bravely filled in some forms even though she wrote a few numbers backwards.

Cover image via Syarafiq Abd Samad/Harian Metro & Penduduk Sungai Petani Kedah/Facebook

Seven-year-old Nur Khairunnisa Mohammad Haizir held her parents' hands on her first day of school, not out of fear, but to guide them around as they could not do so for themselves

The only child to visually-impaired parents, Nur Khairunnisa took her mother and father around her new school, Sekolah Kebangsaan (Perempuan) Jalan Batu in Kuala Lumpur, to show them the classrooms, canteen, and even the school field.

According to Harian Metro, her attitude that was mature beyond her years had touched the hearts of many who saw her in action during orientation week in school.

Nur Khairunnisa with her visually-impaired parents, Nur Suhaida and Mohammad Haizir.

Image via Syarafiq Abd Samad/Harian Metro

Her mother, Nur Suhaida Norwi, said that her daughter really understood the difficulties they faced when moving around

"She's our eyes and walking crane," said the 30-year-old mother.

Nur Suhaida explained that the Standard One student will read signboards and car plate numbers for them, as well as ask people for directions during their daily travels.

"Khairunnisa is really a blessing. She knew how to be independent and stand on her own two feet at such a young age to help us," she gratefully told Harian Metro.

Nur Khairunnisa already knew how to read well at five years old, said her proud father, Mohammad Haizir Zakaria

The 36-year-old father who has been blind since young said she could help them take public transport and even book e-hailing rides on their phones when they had to.

"My daughter knows we can't see so she keeps wanting to take care of us. What devastates us is that her ambition is to buy a big car and bring us around."

"I understand why she aspires to buy a car, maybe she thinks too much of our difficultites when walking around," said the concerned father.

"Even though she is mature beyond her age, she is still young and remains our responsibility to take care of."

At school, one of Nur Khairunnisa's teachers said she was touched to see a student so responsible even though she was only seven-years-old

"There were tears in my eyes watching this little girl bringing her parents with visual impairment around on her first day of school," said the class teacher, Amira Nadwa Mohd Nasir.

"Khairunnisa bravely filled in the forms and her parents' phone numbers on her own even though she still needed practice and wrote a few numbers backwards," the teacher said.

"This student should be an inspiration to us all. Although she's still so small, she has such a big soul - one that's capable enough to guide her parents wherever they may go."

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