2 Taxi Drivers Fined After They Refused To Accept Passengers Waiting In Rain

Two taxi drivers were fined 1,000 Baht (RM120) each by Thai authorities.

Cover image via ไม่เป็นไรหรอก

Many passengers were left to soak under the heavy rain after being shunned by several taxi drivers in Bangkok, Thailand on Monday, 2 April

A video that was recorded by a bystander showed multiple taxi drivers rejecting local Thais who were hailing for a cab under the heavy downpour.

The footage of the incident was then uploaded to a Thai community Facebook page with a caption that reads, "The generosity taxi drivers have for their fellow Thais at 10.00pm on a rainy night. They often complain about not making enough money, but should we feel sorry for them?"

The video has gone viral on social media. At the time of writing, it has gotten over 3.6 million views and shared over 63,000 times.

The 66-second long video shows multiple taxi drivers driving away after several passengers reveal their destination despite having their 'vacancy' light switched on

At the start of the video, the cab in blue turned away five potential customers before driving off. 

While some cabbies could be seen driving past the line of people trying to hail a cab, others drove off after asking potential passengers' destination.

Following the viral video, two taxi drivers have been fined 1,000 Baht (RM120) each on Tuesday, 3 April, and were forced to undergo a three-hour behavioural training course

Image via DLT News

According to DLT News, the two drivers were summoned to the Land Transport Department by the head of the department, Sukree Charuphum, after passengers accused them of refusing to accept customers.

Sukree said, "Our department managed to identify four taxis which refused to accept passengers on Monday night at Siam Square and two of them were summoned."

According to Sukree, the two cabbies claimed that they had to reject the passengers because they were afraid of facing difficulties in getting them to their destination due to the heavy rain

However, their explanations were rejected by the department as both taxi drivers had their 'vacancy' light on indicating that they were ready to accept passengers. 

Fortunately for the taxi drivers, their driving licenses were not suspended because it was their first offence. Nonetheless, Sukree warned that if the similar offence was repeated within a month, they might face permanent suspension.

You can watch the full video here:

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