Penang Delivery Rider Brings 1-Year-Old Baby To Work Because He Can't Afford Childcare

Muhammad Razwan, who started working as a food delivery rider after being laid off from work, says that he feels a need to explain himself to netizens who questioned his actions.

Cover image via Rohayu Mohd Rodzi (Facebook)

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A delivery rider in Penang recently went viral on social media after his photos were uploaded by a police officer who sympathised with him

On 26 July, SJN Rohayu Mohd Rodzi, who works at the Southwest district police headquarters, uploaded photos of the foodpanda delivery rider while he was at the senior police officers' housing complex in Sungai Dua.

"I went out of my car and went straight to the father and child, it was scorching hot and the kid was sweating. No one to take care of the kid, would have to pay if sent to childcare," she wrote.

"The baby was quiet, understanding that his dad was working to earn money. In the carrier, there was an empty bottle. Penang residents, if you see this father and child please help accordingly. If you can't give them aid, then it's enough to pray for them to be safe while on the motorcycle delivering customers' orders. May you be blessed, abang foodpanda."

Rohayu's post has garnered over 7,600 shares and 1,000 comments.

The rider has been identified as 29-year-old Muhammad Razwan from Paya Terubong.

He explained that he had to bring his one-year-old son to work as there is no one home to take care of the child.

In an interview with Harian Metro, Muhammad Razwan revealed that he started working as a delivery rider six months ago after being laid off as a janitor at a factory.

Meanwhile, his wife, Nor Hasliza Abdullah, is an assistant at a clinic.

He said that because both of them are working, there is no one to take care of his youngest son, forcing him to take the responsibility of bringing the child along to work.

"Actually, I've been bringing my son since I started working as a delivery rider because no one is home to watch him. My income isn't enough to pay for childcare because I am still renting a house for RM400 a month and my three other children, aged seven, five, and three years old, had to be sent to my wife's aunt's house as our finances are still unstable," he clarified.

"My work hours are quite flexible so I can bring my son when picking up and delivering customers' orders," he added.

According to him, every time he brings his son, he would place the boy in a carrier tied to his body.

Muhammad Razwan also said that he would make his son wear a hat to protect his head.

"My son is not fussy, but he is still small. So, he doesn't understand and has thrown away many hats that I put on him."

Muhammad Razwan says that he feels a need to explain himself to netizens who questioned his action of bringing his son to work.

"Truth is, I'm forced to do so and I would not bring him along if I could afford to pay for childcare," he said.

The man added that he's grateful to have a job after being unemployed for a few months.

"If there are a lot of orders, I can earn about RM500 a week but sometimes it's just RM200," he said.

"No matter what, I'm grateful and thankful for customers because some of them would give my son donations when they meet us. Only Allah can repay their good deeds and today, I will be moving to Mak Mandin and my son will be watched by an aunt living nearby."

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