Penang Mother And Boyfriend Sentenced To Death For Murdering Her 5-Year-Old Son

The boy was said to have been accidentally killed by his mother, who was punishing him for not studying.

Cover image via Danial Saad/New Straits Times

Earlier today, 24 September, the Penang High Court sentenced a mother and her boyfriend to death for the murder of her son in 2014

The mother, age 36, and her boyfriend, age 30, were found guilty for the murder of the boy, age five.

At the time of the murder, T Gayathry was 30 and R Saravanan was 24. He worked as a security guard.

High Court Judicial Commissioner Datuk Ahmad Shahrir Mohd Salleh said that both T Gayathry and R Saravanan Kumar are to be hung by the neck until death under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.

"In considering all the evidence brought before the court, the court finds that the prosecution has succeeded in proving the case beyond reasonable doubt against both the accused's defence," the Judicial Commissioner said in his judgment, as reported by New Straits Times.

"Both the accused are charged with murder, which carries the death penalty upon conviction. This court has to pass sentence according to the law. As such, this court sentences both of you to death," Ahmad Shahrir said in passing down the sentence of death by hanging to the both of them.

Gayathry (in blue) and Saravanan (in white) pictured at the Penang High Court in George Town.

Image via Sayuti Zainudin/Malay Mail

The Judicial Commissioner dismissed both their alibis

"The alibi provided for the first accused, Saravanan, that he was not at the scene of the crime is inadmissible as the witness statement did not fall under the criminal prosecution code," he said.

"For the second accused, Gayathry, it is not probable that as a mother she would not spring into action to protect her child, her own flesh and blood even if it meant putting her life in danger," he added.

According to Ahmad Shahrir, the mother was left alone at home for four hours after Saravanan wrapped the deceased in a blanket and left the house with the body but she did not call out for help, reported Malay Mail.

Additionally, he said that Gayathry had even cleaned the blood from the bathroom floor after witnessing her child being killed, adding that, "No reasonable person would do what the accused did".

The murdered victim, Kaviarasan's body was found wrapped in a blanket and dumped at an oil palm estate in Bukit Tengah

At the time, the boy was said to have been accidentally killed by his mother at their house in Kulim before the body was dumped at the oil palm plantation.

According to reports, on 23 September 2014, Gayathry had lodged a police report, claiming her son had gone missing. She, however, later admitted to punishing the boy for not studying.

She beat Kaviarasan with a belt as he had refused to study. The boy died at about 4.30pm on 20 September. Following which, both the accused were jointly charged with the murder.

Meanwhile, their counsels have said that they will appeal the sentence.

On the other hand, the Malaysian Court of Appeal has dismissed a prosecution's appeal to continue the trial against a woman who was charged with murdering her Indonesian maid two years ago:

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