Perlis Named As State With The Most Diabetic Residents In Malaysia

A representative of the Kangar District Health Office urged the public to avoid sugary foods and drinks.

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Perlis has recently been identified as the state with the most diabetic residents in Malaysia

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According to a report by Bernama on Sunday, 17 November, the statistics are based on the population ratio.

Kangar District Health Office chief assistant officer of environmental health, food safety, and quality Zaferidin Hashim spoke of the alarming statistics in his speech at the Komuniti Sihat Perkasa Negara event at Taman Guru Jaya, Perlis.

Zaferidin advised residents to avoid sugary food and drinks as it poses health risks

Malaysiakini reported that he encouraged everyone to cook their own food so freshness is guaranteed without the excessive use of flavourings that can have a detrimental effect on health.

He also said that members of the public have a right to make sure the food served to them in restaurants are of good quality

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"Owners of food premises need to maintain the cleanliness at the cooking areas," he added.

Diabetes has been of the leading causes of death globally in the past 15 years:

A man in Japan has invented an app that allows users to check how much sugar content is in their drink:

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