This App Lets You Check How Much Sugar Content Is In Your Drink

However, it is not yet available for download on the App Store.

Cover image via Twitter

A man in Japan has invented an app that allows users to check how much sugar content is in their drink

According to SoraNews24, Daiki Shimizu developed an app that determines the sugar content by scanning the barcode of a can or bottled drink. 

On 15 July, Daiki took to Twitter to share a video showing how the app actually works and what it's used for.

The tweet has since gathered over 18,700 retweets and 61,000 likes.

Image via Twitter

In the video, he scanned the barcode of a Japanese bottled drink and the app instantly showed the level of sugar contained in the drink

The app also allows users to check how many sugar cubes are in the drink after pressing Confirm.

As seen in the video, the drink had 13.8 cubes of sugar in total which was 229.2% extra than the recommended amount of sugar an average person requires. 

After seeing the results, netizens couldn't wait to get hold of the app

They asked Daiki for the name of the app and where to download it.

However, the Japanese inventor revealed that the app was not available for download as after developing the app a year ago he decided to leave it aside for some personal reasons.

Following a consistent request from others, though, Daiki has now decided to release the app.

He announced that he has uploaded it on the App Store and is currently waiting for approval

He added that once it is approved, he will announce the news on Twitter.

According to SoraNews24, the app, however, is likely made available for drinks that are purchased in Japan and has the Japanese language only. 

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