You Can Now File Complaints About 460 Government Agencies With This New App

'Respons Rakyat' allows you to file complaints against companies and agencies such as Maxis, Pos Malaysia, JPA, and DBKL.

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Malaysians now have a new, simpler channel to file complaints, give suggestions, and send in queries while on the move with the Respons Rakyat app

The app was launched by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad on Thursday, 19 July, reported Bernama.

'Respons Rakyat' (RR2.0) is the updated, second generation of the 'Rakyat Responz' (RR1.0) app, which was published by the Public Complaints Bureau (PCB) in May 2016.

Citizens can file complaints about 460 government agencies through the app

Image via Bernama

The 460 government agencies can be broken down into:

- 25 ministries (e.g. Prime Minister's Office, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health),

- 257 federal agencies (e.g. Bank Negara Malaysia, Road Transport Department Malaysia/JPJ, Public Service Department/JPA),

- 13 state secretary offices,

- 149 local authorities (e.g. MBPJ, MBSA, DBKL), and

- 16 utility companies (e.g. Astro, Pos Malaysia, TNB, Maxis).

However, users cannot file complaints about the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), Legal Aid Department, government policies, personal and family problems, and civil claims between individuals and companies.

Unlike the previous app, the updated version allows users to upload video and audio files while filing their case

Screenshots showing how users can file complaints.

Image via Public Complaints Bureau/Google Play Store

The older version could only take images and documents.

"Apart from that, the new RR Messenger service would also keep the complainant notified of any new messages. In the older version complainants could only lodge complaints via calls and emails," PCB said in a statement, reported New Straits Times.

Users can also follow-up on their cases and related investigations from within the app, without needing to access the PCB website.

A screenshot of a user's complaints that have been filed.

Image via Public Complaints Bureau/Google Play Store

'Respons Rakyat' is available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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