This App Will Help You Calculate Toll Costs Before You Start Your Journey

You can personalise the app by class of vehicle, petrol consumption, and fuel type.

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Have you ever been worried how much it would cost you to pass through a toll before you embark on your journey?

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TollGuru tells you exactly how much you need to spend on toll charges for your trip

TollGuru is an app developed by Malaysian company - The Shimmering Unicorn, that will help you save money by calculating the cheapest route options.

Simply put in your starting location and destination, and the app will calculate toll fares for you.

Just like Google Maps, the app will also give you multiple route options.

In addition, it will also plot toll locations and calculate your estimated petrol cost based on fuel efficiency and petrol prices.

Whether you're travelling by car or lorry, TollGuru will show you a breakdown of toll rates by different vehicle classes

The best thing about TollGuru is that it allows you to personalise the settings to fit your vehicle

The app will allow you to adjust for class of vehicle, petrol consumption, and even fuel type.

TollGuru currently covers 29 highways and 173 tolls in West Malaysia including:

  • Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan (PLUS),
  • Lebuhraya Pantai Timur (LPT),
  • Lebuhraya Senai-Desaru (SDE),
  • Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong (LDP), and more.
Click on the link to view the full list of tolls.

At the moment, TollGuru is only available on the Google Play Store

You can click on the link to download the app.

Find out more information on their website.

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