Dad Recorded His 3-Year-Old's Adorable Voice So He Can Hear It Through Waze While Driving

"All set. Let's go!"

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A Malaysian man is warming hearts all over Twitterverse by sharing the voice behind his Waze instructions

"Since Waze lets you record a voice, I just used my son's," he wrote.

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@RifdiRosli's tweet has garnered over 34,000 retweets since it was posted on 11 July.

Rifdi included a video of his cheeky three-year-old son reading out direction instructions for the navigation app

From "Keep left" and "Turn right", to "Continue straight" and "Make a U-turn", Rayyan Mikael crushed his enunciation and intonation in the three second-long voice recordings.

Is there anything cuter than him saying "At the roundabout"? We think not!

The proud father posted another video showing other slightly longer recordings taken by his little one for Waze

"As always Mika was saying "Papa I'm tired" by the end of it," the man shared.

Netizens couldn't get enough of the toddler's precious voice, with many saying they would use Waze more often if he directed them

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Image via Twitter

"With this, every time you drive you'll remember your loved ones," another Twitter user commented.

Too cute for words. <3 We need Mikael to tell us when to turn and exit, too!

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