Every Passenger Onboard This Flight Was Given A Free Nintendo Switch

The free console came bundled with a newly released game, Super Mario Maker 2.

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Nintendo recently treated every passenger onboard a flight to San Diego with a complimentary Nintendo Switch

On 17 July, Nintendo, in a paid partnership with a low-cost American airline company, Southwest Airlines gave out free vouchers to every passenger in a flight to exchange for a free Nintendo Switch.

According to Austin360, Southwest released a statement saying it was the start of "a summer of surprises".

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Passengers had no idea that they were about to board a Nintendo-themed flight

According to Funimation Social Content Producer/Host Lauren, passengers were only told that there was a surprise onboard the flight.

Upon entering the plane, Lauren noticed that staffs had put up a sign that read, "Filming in progress. Filming onboard Southwest Airlines Flight #2246 July 17, 2019. Thank you for your cooperation."

When everyone settled down in their seats, the cabin crew announced that passengers would be given free vouchers to redeem a Nintendo Switch, bundled with the game Super Mario Maker 2

According to SoyaCincau, passengers were able to redeem their complimentary Nintendo Switch upon arriving in San Diego where the 2019 International Comic-Con is being held this weekend.

During the flight, the cabin crew could also be seen wearing Mario hats as they passed out snacks to the passengers.

Nintendo of America's Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Nick Chavez said that the company was happy they brought smiles to everyone on the plane

“With the help of Southwest, we brought smiles to an entire plane full of people.

“We hope that spirit of fun lasts for a long time, as now everyone on the flight has a Nintendo Switch system and Super Mario Maker 2 to play at home or on their future travels,” Nick was quoted as saying by Austin360.

Prior to the surprise giveaway, Nintendo had made an announcement on 10 July that they would release a new, cheaper model of their Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo Switch Lite

The game console company also revealed that they would be releasing an improved version of their current Nintendo Switch model.

SoyaCincau reported that the Nintendo Switch Lite will be made available this September while the release date for the updated Nintendo Switch is yet to be revealed.

Nintendo Switch Lite

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