This Perlis Shelter Has Over 1,500 Cats Who Are Looking For 'Furever' Homes

They are used to receiving 10 to 20 cats per day, but less than 10 cats are adopted daily.

Cover image via Zakaria Shafie (Facebook) & Bustana Kucing (Facebook)

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A shelter in Perlis that takes care of 1,500 cats, took in an additional 50 last week after their owner was no longer able to care for them

One of the shelter's employees, Zakaria Shafie, shared on Facebook that the cats have safely arrived at Bustana Kucing Perlis last Monday, 20 September.

"Yesterday, they were sleeping in their owner's home, today they will be sleeping with the cats at Bustana," he posted on Facebook.

Zakaria told mStar that their owner is a cat lover from Ipoh, Perak who loved to rescue stray cats. However, the woman was recently kicked out of her rented home and was forced to give them up.

"The owner shared that she was living on her own, her husband had passed away, and she did not have any children," he said.

The 27-year-old employee said the new cats sent to the shelter may take time to adjust themselves there

"It depends on the cats, some are okay when they are released to the main cage. They're able to eat and sleep together with other cats there," he said.

"But there are those who are not so okay with it, they would usually stay in the corner of the cage and sometimes they're even afraid to eat."

Zakaria added that they usually receive 10 to 20 cats per day, but less than 10 cats are adopted daily.

He said it was also not unusual getting that many cats from a single owner.

Bustana Kucing Perlis has been taking in stray or unwanted cats since 2015

The shelter, located at Perlis Snake and Reptile Farm in Sungai Batu Pahat, was founded by Mohd Taufik Md Zin.

According to Harian Metro, the independent cat rescuer opened the cat haven hoping that visitors would learn to show compassion and stop cruelty toward stray cats.

Today, Zakaria said the shelter is operated by 14 members, including a doctor. There are eight enclosures to separate the cats, including a main cage, a quarantine for sick cats, and one for kittens and pregnant mothers.

The shelter was initially sustained with money out of their own pockets, but since it has steadily grown, they began accepting public donations since 2017.

Image via Kosmo!

Speaking to SAYS, Zakaria added that the cats at Bustana Kucing Perlis are available for adoption

Zakaria said members of the public are free to choose any cats they like from the main enclosure, and those interested will only need to bring a pet carrier or box, fill up a form, and make a donation prior to adopting.

"No fee is set, can be for any contribution, no matter in the form of money or food," he said.

He added that the shelter also provides transport services to send the cats to adopters that are outside of Perlis.

If you have questions about Bustana Kucing Perlis, you may contact Encik Taufik at +6013-4300443 or Encik Thomas at +6018-6682303.

You can also support the shelter by visiting their Facebook page here.

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