Govt Is "Seriously Considering" A Curfew To Combat Drug Use Among Malaysian Teens

The proposal is based on a study of the juvenile curfew enforced in Iceland.

Cover image via Miera Zulyana/Malay Mail

The Cabinet Committee on the Eradication of Drugs has proposed to impose a curfew for Malaysians under the age of 18 to curb drug-related incidents

According to Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, the proposal is based on a study of the juvenile curfew enforced in Iceland, Malay Mail reported.

"It is a model that we can actually emulate. It may be a bit more difficult because we have the Malaysian culture of 24-hour mamak stalls," Wan Azizah told reporters after chairing the Cabinet Committee on the Eradication of Drugs at the Implementation Coordination Unit (ICU) meeting today, 17 January.

"We are seriously considering it... because we found that the sniffers, especially, are very young," Wan Azizah explained.

 The Women, Family, and Community Development Minister explained that the government is looking at other areas of youth such as housing condition and education.

On safeguarding the welfare of children, Wan Azizah said that parents cannot depend entirely on the government.

"The responsibility of parenting cannot be given only to the government. You have to also assume your responsibility as a parent," she added.

In Iceland, a plan called Youth In Iceland had implemented several measures to curb its drug and alcohol use amongst underaged citizens

Image via Creevey Russell

This included placing those aged 13 to 16 under a 10pm curfew during the winter, and 12am during the summer.

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