[PHOTOS] This Old Man Experienced Absolute Joy After He Tasted His First-Ever Milk Tea

A random act of kindness. :')

Cover image via Cabin Brew Milk Tea

A series of pictures showing an elderly street vendor's reaction after he tasted milk tea for the first time in the Philippines went viral recently

Cabin Brew Milk Tea store owner, Julio Mallari took to Facebook on 1 September to share his conversation with the old man, Tatay (Father) Teban. 

The beverage store owner's post has since received over 279,000 likes and 126,000 shares. 

Mallari shared that while working, he noticed the old man outside his store observing the beverage menu

Mallari asked the old man if he wanted a drink to which Teban replied with, "I'm just looking at it. That's for rich people. I can't buy one."

In an interview with Coconuts Manila, Mallari shared that Teban would always be in the area as he moves around to sell his products. 

"He looked exhausted and overwhelmed because it was the first time he was able to look closely at our menu," the beverage store owner shared, adding that he felt obliged to treat Teban to a free drink. 

Despite the free drink offer, Teban insisted that he would pay for the drink instead as it would be his first time tasting milk tea.

Mallari shared that when he heard the old man's response, it "broke his heart." 

"I invited him to come inside the shop and told him that the dark chocolate flavour is really good. So he ordered the dark chocolate (drink). I told the staff not to make him pay for the drink."

Teban's expression after tasting the dark chocolate milk tea was priceless

It's like all his exhaustion vanished in a single sip.

"I told him I'd take a picture of him, like what we do for our customers. I didn't expect this kind of reaction (online)," Mallari wrote in his post. 

Feeling grateful, Teban offered Mallari to choose any of his products that he was selling in return

Mallari shared that he requested for a bottle cleaner as he knew that Teban did not have that particular product. 

The old man, however, returned to the store the next day to give Mallari the bottle cleaner he requested.

"He found a way to give me back something (in exchange for the drink)," Mallari said as quoted by Coconuts Manila.

"Let's support these kind of hard-working people, they deserve more than a cup of Milk Tea," Mallari wrote in his post. 

We salute you, Mallari!

Image via Giphy

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