Piano Teacher Admits To Molesting Five-Year-Old After Saying It Was To Correct Her Posture

After the traumatising incident, the girl had several episodes of bedwetting.

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A 21-year-old part-time piano teacher in Singapore has admitted to molesting his five-year-old student in November 2016

By pleading guilty to a charge of using criminal force to outrage the modesty of a minor yesterday, 23 April, he faces a maximum of five years imprisonment, caning, and a fine.

The man will be sentenced for the crime at a later date, Malay Mail reported.

During one of their one-on-one lessons, the then-19-year-old slipped his hands inside the girl's panties and touched her private parts on the pretext of correcting her posture

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He also told her to squeeze her thighs.

The five-year-old did not object, but told him to stop when she started to feel pain.

Though he apologised, the teenager did not remove his hand.

When the lesson ended, the girl did not tell her grandfather what happened because she did not think anything of it

The court also heard that she did not tell her grandfather about the incident because he was a "boy".

When the girl got home, she spent an unusually long time in the toilet.

After the lesson, the five-year-old told her mother that she felt pain when she wanted to urinate.

She then explained what the piano teacher had done to her.

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The girl's father then made a police report.

After the traumatising incident, the girl decided to stop playing the piano and had several episodes of bedwetting, Malay Mail reported.

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